Building Businesses

When to build you team

Putting a team together to build your business is exciting, but can be a fatal move. 
Knowing when and how to build your team is a defining moment for the growing business.
Watch this short video and learn how to prepare your business and attract the team members you need to ensure success.
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How to think like an entrepreneur

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A fitbit for your business??

Moving your business from Chaos to Control is possibly the most challenging and relentless pursuit of a business owner.

The Fitbit has revolutionised personal health by giving people direct feedback on how many steps they took today and comparing it to a target or goal. 10,000 steps would be nearly impossible to count manually, but with this smart little device, we can monitor our progress at any time during the day.

How can you create a “fitbit” like structure to keep you focussed on your business goals with the ability to check progress. instantaneously?

Get to work on building your business fitbit and start moving from chaos to control today!

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Thoughts of the Week: Why You Need to Fail Faster

People know to think about failing as a good thing. However, nobody loves to fail and this is one of the biggest problems with running your own business. Learning how to fail is one the best ways to grow. Its not about failure, its about how quickly you can recover.

The tip of the week: Learn to fail faster. Make more mistakes, but learn from those mistakes and move forward.

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Collusion: Don’t Let Yourself Off The Hook

A big problem that business owners face is that they are both the owner of the business, and the number one employee!

Have a think about what that means…

If the owner is telling the employee to be more effective, and the employee tells the owner that they’re flat out and don’t have the time. And they are one and the same person… Who wins?

This is know as collusion. In a large organisation an employee would have a job description, performance standards and KPI’s,  If they don’t deliver, they don’t get to stay.

When the owner and the number one employee are the same person, they let themselves off the hook.

We see it all the time, the impact showing up as no profit in the bank account.

People end up working too hard and making no money.

Going into business means making a profit, it’s not about being in busy-ness.

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The Power of Personality Profiling

last week we ran a workshop on DISC profiling. Haven’t heard of ‘DISC Profiling’? We have you covered.
DISC profiling is a really useful tool for every business and every team. DISC profiling is the result of many years of research into the behavioural types of human beings. It is a language that we can use to understand how to communicate better. It has become a useful business resource for team management, sales, customer service or any communication based activity. All leading companies will integrate some form of DISC profiling into their workflows.


The DISC Profiling system splits into four personalty types. Dominant, Influencer, Stable, Compliment – this is where it gets its name from. These personality types are outwardly or inwardly focused and task or people oriented. Each personality has a different mix out outward, inward, task or people orientation. I’ll take a look at each personalty type below…



The Dominant personality type is task oriented and and outwardly focused – they are extraverts. These are the kinds of people who like to get things done, they are bottom line thinkers. They can be known as bulls in a china shop, but are generally high achievers. Their weakness is that even though they are extraverts, they don’t intuitively understand people or how to build relationships or rapport. However they are great at starting projects and progressing them forward so are an important personality type when building a successful business.



 Moving clockwise around the diagram, we get to the influencer. The influencer is is also outwardly focused, but they focus more on people than they do on tasks. Influencers are the life of the party, the centre of the influencers world is themselves. The influencers strength is their ability to rally people together, they are motivators, they are energised and optimistic. An influencer personality type is great at cold calling. The influencer falls short in their ability to get things done.



The next personality type is s – the Stable personality. The s person is still people oriented, but is actually an introvert – they are inwardly focused. The difference between the I and S personality types is that S people are very conscious of their surroundings and the people around them. Their biggest strength is their ability to support the team. Their weakness is that they often fear change. They are great at keeping your team together but if you ask them to do things differently or get them pumped up you may face problems because they like consistency.



The last personality type is the Complier. The compliance personality type is someone who is inwardly focused and task oriented, they are more reserved people. This person is generally a perfectionist, they love analysing data, and they love building things. Their strength is their attention to detail – everything they do will be done to perfection. However perfectionism is not always good as nothing gets out there.


Every person will be a mixture of these personality types, but will be dominant in one of them. Each one of these personality types have strengths and weaknesses, but when running a business you actually need a mixture of all of them. Think about the DISC profiling system as a way of learning how to communicate better. You can learn to identify personality types and change how you communicate with them to get better results. DISC profiling can help you with your team, with sales, with networking, with building rapport, and with you clients.
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Awesome Apps I Use Every Day

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Successful Recruiting

I want to share a client success story today around recruitment. One of the things most people in business are scared of is building their team. When you go forward into the recruiting process with a clear vision of what you need, you’ll find that the right people will appear who can really help you with your business.

First we sat down and identified the tasks, then we went to work on defining the role. In doing this, people showed up out of the woodwork… They recruited 4 people out of an interview process where they were only expecting 1. This recruitment process ensured that the people who arrived for the interview were the perfect candidate for what the job.

The tip here is to be really clear on what your recruiting for, who is your perfect candidate? and then go to the market and you’ll be surprised how many people are available that that can help you grow your business.


If you want FREE expert guidance on your recruitment process, click the button below to register:


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How F.B.I can guarantee your Success!

If you own a business you need to be part of F.B.I!  Understanding the numbers in your business is one of the most critical aspects of knowing how you’re playing the game.


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How to optimise your marketing dollar!

People can often find marketing plans perplexing. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In this video business coach, David Guest, discusses the critical factors in having marketing success.
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