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When David Guest first started up this coaching firm 15 years ago, he had a vision to transform the lives of thousands of business owners across the country; starting with his local community.

What he discovered in the marketplace was very different to what he was expecting…

When David Guest started his firm 15 years ago, business coaching was a very new field and there were all sorts of different people in the industry… it was un-regulated and still is.

David grew up in a family business and started working from the age of 5. He watched his parents MAKE a lot of money and LOSE a lot of money and wanted to know why.

He started looking for business opportunities himself… and he failed… a lot. It wasn’t all a loss though as it lead him on a journey of discovery – Now before you go all Zen on us, and start re-arranging the furniture, it was simpler than that.

He started reading books… as many as he could get his hands on. From psychology to sales, and it was hundreds of books down that he realised there was a formula.

Business isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about learning. It’s about evolution and innovation and being creative with the skills and knowledge that you have. With this, he has become one of the most successful business coaches in Australia and leads a team that continues to change the lives of business owners every day

Why do we do it?

When I watch a business owner who has been in business 5 – 10 years and they are doing ok – they are making money but they are working hard… and watching the look on their face when all of a sudden money starts coming in to the bank account, or they can book that holiday they have been trying to book for the past 5 to 10 years, or they can go and spend more time with their family… those sorts of things are really what drives me to get up in the morning

David Guest

Meet the Team...

David Guest

Director/Head Coach

I am a perpetual learner. I discovered from a young age that “the more you learn the more you earn” and I have been actively educating myself ever since (over 30 years). I have been coaching businesses for 15 years; prior to that I was in sales and marketing for 10 years.

When I’m not in the office, I like to mix it up – spending time with family and friends is a must, but I also love to go out into the elements. From Kite surfing and skiing, to motorbike riding and car racing (and YES, I built my own Elfin), If there is fun to be had, you’ll find me there.

My favorite part of what we do is seeing the look on the business owners face when they start making more money than they had ever anticipated. That’s why I do it. There is nothing quite like it.

David Guest

Rob Jagger

Business Coach

I am a Business Coach and Business Exit Strategist with more than 20 years of broad business experience across commercial, manufacturing, financial admin and supply chain sectors.

I recognize that most business owners understand that they need to exit their business at some time, but need assistance during this complex process. Utilizing a holistic business process that addresses the personal, financial and business needs of the business owner, I focus on making the sale of their business a win/win for both the owner and the buyer. This is achieved by ensuring that the owner receive a fair price for their years of hard work building the business, and the buyer gets a great business, the customer base and its reputation in the community.

I believe in improving my skill base and have obtained an MBA(E) from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), is a Certified Exit Planning Adviser (CEPA) from the The Exit Planning Institute® (Chicago) and a Certified Value Builder with Built to Sell Inc (Vancouver).

When I want to relax, I enjoys camping with my family away from the distractions of modern technology and hiking to the local sights. I am passionate about experiencing different cultures and have a burning ambition to take my family to India and Nepal.

Rob Jagger

Lex Tannenbaum

Business Coach

With thirty years’ business experience, I am ideally suited to helping business owners and managers focus on the way forward.

I have had experience at the top level of business. As a chief executive, I’ve been involved in all aspects of corporate development, including strategic planning, technology, operations, and sales and marketing. I also have proven team leadership skills, helping business people recognise their abilities and achieve their goals.

After completing my university studies, I joined a pharmaceutical wholesaler as director of Information Technology. Under my guidance, the company became the technology leader in the industry in South Africa, taking ideas from all parts of the world. I was then appointed Chief Executive of the company, and, together with my team of executives, took it to a position of pre-eminence. I also headed the industry body for several years, interacting with industry and government leaders.

During this time, I gained valuable experience in all aspects of business, including:
– Preparing and implementing strategic plans
– Building and managing highly motivated teams
– Developing business systems
– Overseeing the operation of all aspects of the business.

In 1997 I bought a business services franchise which I built into the biggest store in the Australasian franchise, using a mixture of marketing and sales strategies, systemising the business, and developing a motivated and competent team.

Based in Melbourne, I now coach the owners of small, medium and large businesses to maximise the potential of their businesses, and to achieve success by developing their skills, knowledge and abilities. As an objective outsider, with no preconceived ideas, I am able to help clients generate strategies for the growth of their business, and help them achieve their dreams.

As well as mentoring business owners and managers, I host seminars and workshops to ensure that the maximum potential of the total team is realised.

Lex Tannenbaum

Paul Ostaff

Business Coach

Paul is a Business coach with over 20 years of marketing and business consulting experience, working in nine countries for Fortune 1000 companies as well as many SMEs. He has a strong track record in working with cross-functional teams to deliver marketing and revenue improvements.

Paul strongly believes in continuous education: he has a Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering (yes he is a rocket scientist) before becoming a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate from RMIT University.

With family in Canada and Europe, Paul enjoys travelling and spending time abroad to see them when he can. He spends his weekends watching his daughters play the cello in recitals and with orchestras, and feeding his interests in Formula One racing and the Essendon Football Club, which he is gradually transferring onto his family.

As a strong communicator and an accomplished presenter, Paul has spoken for various organisations across Australia including Northlink, Monash University and The University of Melbourne.

Paul understands that many small and medium business owners have stumbling blocks they cannot break through alone. By imparting his knowledge, Paul helps business owners make the changes needed to overcome challenges and realise their goals and dreams.

Paul Ostaff


Annette Guest

Admin & Office Manager

I keep the office together. My role is a hybrid of Office Manager, Administrator & Client Relations… I am also the Chief Cocktail Maker in the Office (A Very Important Role)

Outside of work, I love to spend time at the beach and catching up with family and friends.

Being a bit of a foodie.. Dinners out accompanied by an exotic cocktail spells perfection for me.

What I love the best about what we do is when I hear the amazing stories of all the successes our clients have. I believe passionately about what we teach and this is confirmed to me everyday when I see the smile on people’s faces after they finish a session.

Annette Guest

Jenny Bell

Events Manager

Jenny Bell is the Events Manager at Outcomes Business Group and has brought with her experience in business development, business training and managerial roles expanding over 25 years here and abroad.

Her naturally high energy and enthusiastic approach to life is well utilized in her role of coordinating our event logistics, and making sure that every event is a huge success.

Jenny has a passion for health and nutrition, rates walking whilst talking with friends, and skiing as her ultimate choices of exercise, practices yoga, is a member of a Book Club and travels abroad whenever possible. She is also a qualified hypnotherapist and finds part time engagement in this field a perfect balance for her team orientated work at Outcomes Business Group.

Jenny Bell

Simone Riley

Partner Development Manager

Simone is the Partner Development Manager at Outcomes Business Group. She is on a quest to find the best keynote speakers and service providers to educate and inspire our business owner community.

She has a keen interest in health & wellness; in her free time she enjoys the outdoors, essential oils and spending time with her daughter and husband. She is also famous in the office for her delicious homemade raw chocolate!

Simone Riley

Tammy Fleming

Practice Manager

Tammy has contact with almost everyone who connects with Outcomes Business Group, whether it be for our educational seminars, or as a client. It is her role to create internal and external focused systems that ensure we are consistently providing excellent service standards, beyond expectation.

As a big believer in continuous development and giving back, she spends her spare time studying and volunteering every other weekend. When she’s not studying you’ll find her at Pilates or checking out some travel articles to prepare herself for her next cultural and culinary experience! “Bring on Iceland 2019!”

With experience working for small and medium businesses, Tammy is passionate about building strong relationships with our clients and partners so that we can mutually prosper and add value to our communities.

Tammy Fleming

Melrish Alonzo

LinkedIn Lead Generator

Melrish is our LinkedIn lead generation specialist. Based in the Philippines, Melrish is focussed on building our LinkedIn profile and community. Her main objective is to identify and connect with strategic partners.

Her free time is spent with her family at the shopping centre or on food trips. Otherwise she’ll be browsing the net for stories and keeping up to date with the news. She is a nursing graduate who is passionate about helping people.

Melrish Alonzo

Joan Magpayo

Marketing Assistant

Joan is our marketing assistant. Based in the Philippines, she does all the behind the scenes work for our website and events to make sure that our educational content is easily and readily available.

When she’s not optimizing videos and doing analytics, Joan will be out for coffee with friends or enjoying time at home with her family. She enjoys long walks or jogging and has a growing fascination for organic and cruelty free skin care products.

Her dream is to explore Palawan in the Philippines and enjoy the beautiful beaches it has to offer.

Joan Magpayo

Our Company Values


We Always Speak The Truth

We will always be honest with you. What we promise is what we deliver. We only ever make agreements that we are willing and intend to keep.


We have a balanced approach to life

We have a balanced approach to life remembering that our spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual.


We give everything 100%

We are committed to the vision, mission, culture and success of Outcomes Business Group, its current and future team, and its clients.


We are Constantly Training

We learn from our mistakes. we consistently grow and master so that we can help our team members and clients learn, grow and master too.


Life should be enjoyed

We view our lives like a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated and we create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around us enjoy it as well.


We are Abundant People

We allow abundance in all areas of our lives by respecting our own self worth and that of all others.

What We’re About


To re-inspire all business owners


To set the standard of Excellence for Business Coaching across Australasia.

We strive to re-inspire business owners to achieve everything they set out to accomplish through their business and more. With exceptional service and innovation, David Guest Business Group will provide strategic and tactical hands-on advice, removing the obstacles that cause so many businesses to stumble and fall.

We will always work with great people and employ or partner with great people. We will aspire to be the best at all that we do, and lead the way in small to medium business development and success.

What Others Have Said About Us!

  • "Its hard not to preach about the things David has shared with me. Kaizen, Test and Measure, To know and not to do is to not know, The only failure is the failure to participate, Mistakes are lessons not mistakes if you learn something from them, Dreams are just goals without plans, You are only limited by what you believe is possible... I could go on forever...Thanks David, you have changed my life!"

    1-2-1 Coaching: Aaron Parsons - Australian Waste Management
  • "90% of business was due to profit club – either through the network of people I met in ProfitCLUB or in terms of what I learnt as far as developing the business and getting clients… It was a great source of business information and tools and coaching when I wasn’t in the position to be able to invest in a full time business coach."

    ProfitCLUB: Danielle Romaine - Law To Your Door
  • "Our business and lives have taken a great step forward. We are focussed on present and future performance, have longer term goals and now know that it’s ok to be rich!The coaching program has been the best things to happen to this business. The structure that is now in place is working very well and the future is looking pretty exciting"

    1-2-1 Coaching: Dave Byrnes - Andave Shopfitting Pty Ltd.
  • "David has helped us to have a bigger vision, set and fast track our goals and as a result, we are starting a new direction for the business. David’s support has definitely given us the push we needed to achieve our goals faster."

    ProfitCLUB: Rita Srbin - Home Batista Institute