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What are clients saying about David Guest?


Having been in business for 10 years, the information I’ve received from David in the areas of systemisation, testing measuring means we can look forward to more growth in the next…10 years.


David has taken business coaching to an entirely new level. Out of the box innovation and ideas, simple “why didn’t I think of that” ideas and methods that just work.

David keeps you focused on whats important and remaining above the line. At first it’s hard to realize and understand the methodology, but over time it becomes more apparent. The reticular activating system and you get what you deserve are two of my favorite’s from his arsenal.

Working with David has been an enlightening experience and he has changed my life unmistakably. I am now so driven to learn and understand as much as possible and apply the knowledge and experience of some very wise people to improving my life and the lives of those around me.

Its hard not to preach about the things David has shared with me. Kaizen, Test and Measure, To know and not to do is to not know, The only failure is the failure to participate, Mistakes are lessons not mistakes if you learn something from them, Dreams are just goals without plans, You are only limited by what you believe is possible… I could go on forever…

Thanks David, you have changed my life!
Aaron Parsons, Australian Waste Management


Luke Bruce talks about how David Guest help Machines4u turn their business into Australia’s No. 1 Online Machinery Market attracting more than 160,000 visitors to their site and 150 new and used machines posted every day.


Boo Radley is a leading ladies clothing manufacturer based in Melbourne. Working with Business Coach, David Guest, they have had spectacular growth in a downward trending market.


Metod Mohar from Distinction Homes talks about the benefits of a group coaching session with David.


I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me over the past year. Being part of your coaching program has been a great support and given me the tools I needed to make real changes in my business. It was great to network with other business owners who have the same concerns and issues. Also regular coaching and workshops means if you don’t get it the first time you can keep going until you do get it!

This financial quarter my business turned over 120k more than the same quarter last year with a 171% increase. The gross profit for the quarter was up 93k with a 223% increase!

Net profits for the quarter were up 77k with a 647% increase!

Our sales went from 50k every quarter to 50k every month for 7 months in a row.

I would have achieved these results much quicker if I had just listened to you more and implemented faster.

The best part of it all was not the money but the personal growth, I am now more confident and feel like I run my business instead of it running me.

Thanks for everything, I could not have done it without you and the team at Action Coach.
Jason Hall, Think Training


I was very dissatisfied with my business and life. I needed help. When I met David Guest he was calm and clear about what ActionCOACH could offer my business. He made sense and did not try to sell me anything.

David Guest is a trusted sounding board so I feel supported. We work well together because I’ll give it a go and he gives me structures and systems that have turned my business into a successful business and allowed me to achieve personal goals too. His follow-up keeps the momentum and holds me accountable. He offers a completely different experience that has trained me to think about how I use my time and what I do in the business.

The impact of Action Coaching and David on my life, family and business is large. My gross profit increased by 400% in 12 months. I’ve changed how I think about work. I now make my good ideas happen and have started a whole new line of business that has documentation, a marketing strategy and training is priced at its true market value. I would have not done this without David. Now I enjoy going to work, I enjoy our customers and I enjoy going home.

Simon Gishus, Owner, Nizpro Turbocharging


Hello David,

I just wanted to thank-you for your help with our business in 2008.

Many of the systems and initiatives you helped implement assisted in us winning the following awards:

  • 2008 Mortgage Choice High Flyers Award
  • 2008 Mortgage Choice Victorian Multi Franchise of the Year
  • 2009 MFAA Broker of the Year ( 6+ loan writers category)

Once again thanks for your help.

Anthony Smith, Owner, Mortgage Choice Cheltenham



I was excited about the possibility that ActionCOACH could help us to be more successful in growing our business. As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, David has opened my eyes to possibilities of growth and made it real. He is very knowledgeable and helped us to get clear about what we want to achieve and to work out our goals. Using David has made positive changes to our business’ bottom line which we had previously been unable to work out how to do. Business systems are in place and our sales presentation and approach is more structured. My father, brother and I have more faith in ourselves because we have the direction and clarity that we never had before. The ActionCOACH system is fantastic.”

“Personally, having an ActionCOACH business coach has been life changing. ActionCOACH Coaching offers me a bigger picture on the world and gives me an ideal and a role model to chase after. David listens and I’ve met my important personal objectives in terms of creating wealth as well as how I feel about myself. I am 35 now and will be able to retire at 45”.

“In recommending David to others I’d say; “Working too hard? An Action coach will help you manage your work and life better and you will get your life back.” I have recommended David to friends who are so busy because I can see how Action’s strategies can help them. One friend took up my suggestion and now he has a life!”

“Simply, the benefits of using ActionCOACH business coaching systems are more time, more money and more freedom.”

Brett Taylor, Director PMT Security, Victoria


Travis Fitzpatrick – Owner, Focus Health and Fitness


Go and talk to David and have a chat about what [he and his team] can do for you. David helped us to find a unique position and build a team so morale is high which brought more customers through the door. We are happy to come to work. He has taken us out of the red and into the black and the business is in profit mode. I feel optimistic about where we are heading and that we can be very profitable in spite of the slow months we face in the industry.Pat Shelper, Hampton Ladies Health Club


We have had amazing improvements in lead generation, our marketing material is something to be proud of, and the development of our new service offerings has truly set us apart from our competitors. The incredible thing is that all this combined has driven customers to us and our staff are motivated to continue achieving…and it seems effortless in the end.James Archer – Director Sales & Training, Your Freight Staff


Before the program, Marie and I have always been very busy, but I didn’t seem to be making progress. We were doing lots of quotes, sending lots of samples and working late often.

Now, we have a vision of where we want to go and a clear direction to take. We have developed some great sales and marketing systems that have made my job a lot easier. I seem to be doing a lot less and making a lot more money!

Our revenues have increased over 30% and our percentage profitability has also increased. I feel that I am finally using my time more productively and feel more motivated than ever…

Chris Birnie - Eye for Detail Promotions and Print, Malvern, Victoria


Our business and lives have taken a great step forward. We are focussed on present and future performance, have longer term goals and now know that it’s ok to be rich!

The coaching program has been the best things to happen to this business. The structure that is now in place is working very well and the future is looking pretty exciting. Thank you David and ActionCOACH for your services.


[blockquote_dd author=" Dean Stewart, Tooronga Plumbing"] I started coaching because I wanted the encouragement. David made it easy to relax, to open up about the business and about what was difficult for me. He listened and identified where he could help. David has been very good at improving my business by helping find a niche market. His changes to the business are great, he comes up with great ideas to find “A grade” customers and things are happening fast. David enjoys what he does and he is the guy who will get you ahead. Dave Byrnes, Andave Shopfiting Pty Ltd. Victoria


Working with ActionCOACH and David has made a huge difference to our business and our lives – more growth, improved cash flow; we are better managers of people and of our time. We have grown mentally, emotionally and personally. He manages the tensions of a family business.

“David has helped us to have a bigger vision, set and fast track our goals and as a result, we are starting a new direction for the business. David’s support has definitely given us the push we needed to achieve our goals faster. Action Coaching has the best systems because they are easy to use, make sense, can be measured and are results driven. It is a business plus personal approach and the benefits are huge – in lifestyle and better systems. I recommend you go to an Action Coach seminar as it will help you with your business – go ahead check it out – I did.?

Rita Srbin, Home Batista Institute, Victoria


David is knowledgeable, flexible, clear, straight to the point, professional and supportive. We had too many directions in the business and we had to be there all of the time. Within two months of working with David, we started getting results – the business was focused, he helped us to put operating systems in place that meant we could go overseas for a month and the business ran itself. Personally, I have changed. I am an now an effective marketer, and have the wherewithal and confidence to make sound business judgments so I am not dependent on others. Galina Zenin, Bonkers Pty Ltd, Victoria


Is your life worth the wait? Call now if you want your freedom from your business. Before we started coaching my wife and I had lost our lives to the business. We were working six days a week, we found it hard to take time off, to trust the staff and were afraid to expand the business and we were struggling to be profitable. He helped us to shift our mindset about running a business and we developed all the operating systems and structures and trained the staff.

Within six months of working with David the business started to turn around and 14 months later we have dramatic results. We have tripled our profits, bought another business, I have left the business, the staff is well trained and morale is high and my wife works two days a week passing on her knowledge to the staff rather than working in the business. We have a full life, holidays, time for leasure and most importantly time with our family.

Tom Ly, Owner, Xpertease Hair Salon


Most importantly for me, David Guest is honest and professional in his approach. He has a great personality, is confident and is a very encouraging and supportive coach. He brings a good business mind and he really understands small business. He totally believes in the Action system and has built a dynamic business himself.

In the short time I have worked with David, he has helped me to develop and clarify a vision and goals and I can see the dream is viable. The coaching is about making it a reality. Working with David gives me the discipline to work towards timeframes and it pushes me forward so I don’t get side tracked working in the business all of the time.

Ron Leigh, Ron Leigh’s Music Factory, Victoria


David Guest, ActionCOACH Business Coach is worth talking to. We knew the business had a lot of potential but we did not have the knowledge to make it successful. David’s confidence was very reassuring, he was honest about how he could work with us and we agreed to work with him after our first meeting. David has made a difference to my business. The business is well organised and structured. Our turnover and morale has increased and the team knows what it needs to do and we are always trying out new marketing ideas. We have expanded the business and I have free time to work on the business and to spend with my family – life is more enjoyable. David and I have a good connection- it works because he wants good things for us and I’ve got all that I wanted. Jo Habib, Birregurra General Stores, Victoria


Dear David,

We are writing to you to express our absolute pleasure in having you as our business coach. The experience has been incredibly inspiring and really put the spark back into being a business owner. The future is clear and bright…

Looking back it’s clear that prior to having David Guest as part of our team we were approaching our business somewhat with blind faith. We were surviving, but only just. It wasn’t a lot of fun.

David’s guidance and the Action Program has improved our service offerings and processes such that the business is now almost unrecognizable by comparison to what it started as.

We have had amazing improvements in lead generation, our marketing material is something to be proud of, and the development of our new service offerings has truly set us apart from our competitors. The incredible thing is that all this combined has driven customers to us and our staff are motivated to continue achieving…and it seems effortless in the end.

In addition, David has worked tirelessly to train us how to use our time efficiently & effectively such that we now have clarity on how to create the time flexibility we so desired from being a business owner.

David, should you have any business who’d like to know more about the value of your work to our business then you are most welcome to let them know they can call me at 039370 4722.

David, thank you so much for being with us and guiding our business growth. You are a true professional. We look forward to our continued association with you and the additional program offerings of Action International.

James Archer – Director Sales & Training and Kirsten Harris – Director Recruitment, Your Freight Staff


Hello David,

I just wanted to say thank you for the interest you have shown in our business and the informal and formal help you gave us in the last two or three of years to change the way we worked.

We are off this week to 7 countries, a World Conference and to fly into an active volcano in a helicopter – all in the line of duty for the Company. It now pays me a teachers salary, employs my brother for a day a week, is almost automated, is discussing entry into Malaysia , is moving into the secondary schools and into NSW. It is a great challenge and great fun too. All this is so different from when we met you. I listened very carefully to you, made good notes and carried out the plans that resulted. Reading Brad Sugars books provided realistic and practical tools for us.

If all goes well we will need an ongoing coach next year to make sure all our work is imagination and leadership.

Not bad for a couple of geriatrics in years but dynamos in action. We were willing to learn.

Many thanks

Pat & Bernie Slattery, WiseOnes Australia Pty.Ltd.

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