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What Are Clients Saying About David Guest?

David is enabling me to see myself and my business in a different light and helping me to learn and grow. If you want to improve yourself and your business and are prepared to look at both with a new perspective and an open mind then talk to David Guest.Lu Colombo, Centum, Victoria

David hits the nerve. He seems to know exactly what we need. He has opened our eyes to things we’d never heard of before – the bigger picture and we’ve moved forward since we’ve been with him. I’ve recommended David tons of times because I can see where he can help.Lloyd Shotton P & R Sheet Metal, Victoria

David Guest was referred to me and I’m glad he was! He presents extremely well, is articulate with enormous experience. His knowledge base is extraordinarily broad and I’m very impressed. David’s work with us has clarified for ourselves where we are and where we want to be. David’s service brings an outside perspective which one doesn’t get in small business. His delivery of sessions is effective and his work with my staff is great.Tony Foley, Seaga Group Pty Ltd, Victoria

David has stopped us procrastinating and has helped us consolidate our ideas. He is knowledgeable, persistent and follows up. David also teaches us new things and is good company and easy to talk to.Rod Buncle, The Tested Group, Victoria

I have been running my own business for over 15 years. I have felt isolated and de-motivated for some time David has helped me to re-focus on my business and my life. He has given me tools to improve my relationships with customers and to handle difficult life issues. He acts not just as a business coach, but as a life coach as well. David always seems to have an appropriate method of handling just about any issue I can throw at him. He has great common sense and business sense and also a keen understanding of human relationships. I love the way he can come up with solutions that at first seem so outlandish but when you reflect, they make fantastic sense. He is punctual, always does what he says. A great motivator, David’s depth of knowledge is superb. His ability to adapt his knowledge base to your own unique situation is first class. He can help you with tools that you can use for the rest of your life. David’s cost is an investment in the future of your business and your life. I am really glad I met David. His integrity, honesty, skills and caring has helped my business and me through a very difficult time. I am confident now that I can convey his teachings into a better business for my staff and me and a better and more satisfying life for me and my family.”

As a result of our efforts, I ended up selling my business. The sale price I achieved was double the price I had been given 6 months before I started work with David. David’s ability to think outside the square helped me to throw off the shackles of the Why Mentality, and converted me into a true believer of the Why Not? His genuine belief in my business and myself have made a huge difference in my business performance, my confidence, and my attitude to life!James MacDougal, Wembley Mill Pty Ltd, Victoria

It has been a great relief to have someone listen and give helpful ideas endlessly. No matter how good your business is, it’s better with the help of David Guest.Julie Tomlinson, Hands Of Elegance, Victoria

David is good at reminding us that we are responsible for our own futures and he is passionate about his business system and what he does and can do for us. Given the rough David started with working with us, the things he has helped facilitate for us are a great testament to him. Russell Porteous, Maintenance Essentials, Victoria

I have someone who can help in the direction of the business and someone who can help to educate and point me in the right direction.Marcus Lowe, MBE Printing, Victoria

Thanks four your assistance in growing our business. Prior to working with you we had a successful business that was profitable and growing. I was very sceptical that we needed outside advice as I thought we were going OK. Showing me that there is more opportunity without having to work harder made me realise that the one thing that was really missing was my ability to run the business without actually being there.

You have helped me develop my managerial expertise and confidence in growing the business to the next stage and getting my team working together. Sales have now become easier, and we are doing quotes and getting more work.

The future growth of ADAPT Essential Services is very clear and I am spending more time with Melinda and the kids. Now business is much more fun and much less work.Peter Hartmann, Adapt Essential Services, Dandenong

In the past we had our heads down working long hours but not really knowing where the business was going. Your knowledge and dedication taken us from a very technical minded business to a smarter more efficient outfit.

Personally it has allowed me to step back from doing the technical work so that I can concentrate on business development. I now feel like someone who understands how to go about building a business and when done with this one I will be looking for other opportunities. There’s no doubt that the experience Ive accumulated with you and Action will erase the majority of the first 2 years in getting a new business up and running.

Finally for any other business owners or people considering utilising your services I really recommend you more highly. For anyone who would like to know the value of your work to 6 degrees, I invite them to contact me directly on (03) 9510 6488. Thanks again for all your help. Mike Stasiuk, Managing Director, 6 Degrees Mutimedia

Danielle Romaine - Principle, Law To Your Door

Skeptical at first, I came along to the “Inaugural” Profit Club…

To be in a room of like minded business people from so many different industries, walks of life, I realised that I was definitely not alone in my wins and frustrations.

The ability to become clear as to what my desired role and place within my business had been eye opening as well as mind clearing.

I have enjoyed the learning from the other peoples experience and sharing my own. Great networking and growth capability in the group. Nearly all that I need is available through the group
David Belfer, Going Up Pty. Ltd.

After completing an 18 month coaching program with David Guest, Profit Club seemed like a good way to continue and refresh the philosophy of great business. The club has not only reinstated any forgotten ideas/teachings, but brought new ways to increase business through the minds of other business owners. I would recommend that all people in business should join Profit Club. Dave Byrnes, Andave Cabinets, Braeside

I have attended other breakfast networking meetings & clubs in previous years and I have been disappointed at times because they were mostly an exercise of exchanging business cards of strangers you never see again.

When I first attended Profit Club, I didn’t have a very high expectation, except to network with others. But, I must say, I’ve learnt lots of practical tips and ideas that can be used in our business straight away. The best part is the “60 second” introduction each businessowner get to do. The small size of the club and the regular attendees has been a real benefit as well.

I’ve been writing and brainstorming with other members. This week another member just emailed me with a great idea to expand our business. We are also creating a number of host beneficiary relationships and cross selling ideas.

The profit club is a real opportunity to network, learn and grow your business. I’ve been telling my business clients this is a great way to grow their business.
Rita Zhang, Home Barista Institute

At first, the concept of meeting a bunch of business people at 7am didn’t turn me on. But, the people I’ve met, the knowledge I’ve learned, and the actions I’ve taken have made me a better leader & improved my business.

I would whole heartedly recommend any owner of a small business to join the Profit Club Breakfast Networking Group and get these benefits for themselves.
Harry Pitaro, David Glass Company, Hawthorn

We get regular coaching from David at Action, but I joined profit club just for myself, so I could concentrate on my own business.

I enjoy mixing with a group of people who are all striving to succeed in business and who have the same drives and problems as me.

The talk by David each week helps to educate me as to what I can be doing to make my business and life more successful.
Tony Shelper, Retmark Property Investments

We were just starting out in business and doing well, but needed focus and direction.

Profit Club has been fantastic in providing ideas. The group sharing experiences, both good and bad, has helped us identify areas we can work on.

Our costs are decreasing and sales increasing. What more could we ask for. Each meeting we come away feeling enthused and focused. It is the best money we have spent at twice the cost!
Maxine Auld, Toot Toot Toys

Join Profit Club, meet like minded people who ant to network. Learn new ideas, exchange ideas and improve the bottom line and your personal life.
Ian Falconer, Falconer Accountax

I am intending to start a business. I know there are many facets of business beyond my technical expertise that I need to know in order to succeed.

A friend of mine who already has her own business said that she had learnt a lot from the Action Profit Club. I was concerned that it would be premature to go to something like this as I was not operating yet.

However, after meeting with David and telling him my intention, he thought that coming here I would prepare and learn with more effectiveness, and he was right.

I have learned something at every breakfast I have attended and I always walk away feeling that I will be able to make my new business a success.

The best time to start is now!
Samantha Woodward

This was by far the most valuable seminar I have done. I have never before been so complimentary.
Aaron Haydon, Satatic Communications

Communication with customers is important, it helps to develop a relationship and customers will feel that you care about them if you communicate effectively. I feel more confident to meet my customers needs and wants after today.
Moira Darmody, Maintenance Essentials

I learnt more of my customers value to Seaga Group and how important they really are. I learnt how to implement new strategies and improve loyalty and relationship with the customers. I had a very interesting and enjoyable day today.
Leith Leugaimafa, Seaga Group Pty Ltd

All points covered were relevant and very interesting. The seminar showed me where we are at, how far we have come and still have to go. At the same time, the seminar refreshed my memory on things I had learnt and introduce me new ideas.
Kylie James, Andave Cabinets

While my heart is pumping with a million things I want to achieve today I will use this time to slow down and put my reflection into words.

I was not an advocate of motivational/self improvement etc seminars. So, I went because Arlene suggested it was worthwhile. I come from a conference management/catering background and I have organized so many conferences for self improvement, motivational seminars and the like I have become a bit of a skeptic.


I am sooooo excited today. This is all due I might add to David’s presentation. I think David’s style and his interaction with the participants was exceptional. It is so easy to go to work each day and do a job, but it is much more exciting to go to work each day (as I have come in today) with purpose and resolve to instigate new systems to put the “WOW” factor in place for INFOMED.

I can honestly say, today, I feel like I could rule the world. I have had four calls this morning (GP’s) regarding INFOMED and I have used the new greeting. Interacting with other participants was also a rewarding experience. Being able to speak with someone with the same goals and problems was very satisfying for me.

I will be less of a skeptic if and when the occasion arises to attend another seminar.
Suzanne Birch, Office Manager – Infomed Patient Information

I’ve spent over 20 years gathering information to ensure success as a Naturopath. In a fun & relaxed weekend workshop, David presented all that I’d previously researched and a whole heap more, I’m now focused, fired up & ready for action… Thanks David 10/10
Robert Claridge, Claridge Naturopathics

“…Lots of info to take Action…

A weekend well spent. Well Formatted, easy to follow framework. Highlights possibilities and goals being realised. Highly Recommended. I enjoyed the weekend and felt well motivated. Great interactive workshop!”
Glenda Johnson, YOUR Wellness And Weigh Loss Clinic

“If you are serious about growing your practice & making it everything that you want it to be, then this is a must attend seminar.

David is an inspiring and incisive speaker with a seemingly bottomless pit of anecdotal knowledge. His advice is practical and user friendly and is consistently interspersed with identifiable, down to earth tips.

In fact I was so impressed with his seminar that I have decided to partner David and his team in future presentations to the industry. For us as practitioners to achieve total acceptance and credibility, not only amongst our peers but also within the broader spectrum of the medical field, we need the type of education and guidance that can only be obtained form seminars such as this.

Together, I believe that we can make a significant and lasting contribution to the complimentary healthcare industry in its quest for recognition, consolidated professionalism, practice success and prosperity.”
Rick Donald, The Melbourne Holistic Weight Loss Centre, Hampton, VIC

“David helped to find ways, which were relevant to our line of business and helped me to think more creatively. I have a new way of thinking about how to approach new & potential clients…

He helped with specifics, like wording of advertising and how best to answer the phone. Most other material I have seen on building my business is very generic and hard to apply to my industry…

It is a difficult task to get people to think about their health, especially before their whole system crashes on them. I have a new way of thinking about how to approach new & potential clients… Thanks David.”
Susan Jarmo, Better Than Ever Clinic, Frankston, VIC

It gave me more motivation & helped clarify further direction for expansion of my practice without killing myself. 10/10
Wendy Dumaresq, Wise Women’s Wellbeing

“Focus on getting new practitioner and doing it well!”
Brian Reed, Fairfield Natural Therapies

Attend this course!!

I got an understanding that I do want to stay in the health field as I was considering leaving, but working on the business not so much in the business.

I wish I did this course when I first started in business 5 years ago.”
Vivianne Birch, Viqi Synergy

I got motivation, strength, determination & knowledge fro the seminar.

All of the information presented was excellent & relevant.
Kyeema Richards, Nu-Leaf

Excellent! Great Foundation & understanding as well as tools.
Lisa Marmaras, Nu-Leaf

I got strategies & information. The course was reviewing lots of information I’ve read or heard in the past with around 30% new information. Well presented!!

Lots of good ideas!”
Tony Evans