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Is David the Right Keynote Presenter for Your Event?

David has worked with and presented to business owners in all sorts of industries – from gyms to photographic studios; second-hand truck sales to accounting firms; IT consulting companies and contractors of all shapes and sizes.

The world of business is getting more complicated, moving faster, getting more competitive than ever before. In this “information age”, the person with the most knowledge wins!

David Guest has Over 20 Years of Business Experience that has equipped him with the Knowledge and Understanding to Present on any business related topic. From Marketing and Sales to Business Systemisation and Staff Training, David has it covered.

What Others Have Said...

“The address was rated as the best presentation and advice given at the conference, and we thank you for the information and good business practices imparted. Indeed the professionalism and manner in which delivered is a credit to you…”Donald C Blanksby - Glass and Glazing Association of Victoria

Experiential Learning

David has taught people about business in a wide variety of ways. Experiential learning is where people learn through interaction. Our Leverage nights are a prime example of this.

Leverage Night is 3 hours of game playing fun and learning (Yes! business is supposed to be fun!). The principles you’ll learn from this games night will set you up for a lifetime of business success. It is designed to open your mind to what is truly possible.

Played by people of all age groups, by business people and non-business people alike, Nights like our Leverage Night are revolutionising business learning. It is simple and fun but it has the ability to massively increase a player’s business knowledge and skills.

Some clips from our last Leverage night

Our Latest Referral Based Business Presentation

One of David’s Specialty Areas is
Building Referral-Based Businesses

Most business owners think that referrals are outside of their control, all they can do is the best job possible and hope their customers refer. Or, they feel that it’s inappropriate to ask. The truth is that there is a formula and process to build your business into a referral generating machine and David teaches businesses how to do it.

Imagine getting a constant stream of pre-sold, highly qualified prospects that are ready to buy from you right now, regardless of your price.

That is the power of referrals…

We have presented for organisations such as...

Popular Presentation Topics

The Six Keys to Building Your Dream Team

One of the biggest secrets to building a successful business is building a great team. David explains the most leveraged ways of building a dream team that will take your business to the next level.

Time Management for Business Owners

The amount of business owners that just don’t have enough time to do the things they need to is astounding.

David explains the simplest and most powerful time management techniques specifically for business owners and how they can apply them immediately.

Finding the Hidden Profits in Your Business

“Work smarter, not harder”. Sounds simple, but what does smarter really mean. David takes the best strategies he has learned over the past 11 years, and explains how they can be easily implemented to create radical increases in profit.

How to Build a Referral Based Business

We are moving in to a new age of marketing. The communication age has made the world a much smaller place. David explains the importance of building your business to market itself

In this presentation, learn:

  • The 7 Steps to Building a business that generates it’s own referrals 
  • The 5 Qualities of Referrals
  • Why You’re Not Getting Enough Referrals 
  • The New Rules of Marketing in the internet age 
  • How to Turn Customers into Raving Fans 
  • Why Businesses Waste Money on marketing that just doesn’t work

The 6 Step Business Blueprint

Building a house without a plan sounds rediculous. So why do so many business owners try to build a business without a plan?

In this powerful presentation David discusses the simple and proven methods that can be applied to any business to create stunning results.

How to Eliminate Price Competition

Competing on price can be one of the toughest situations for a business. Learn how to get clients to appreciate paying a premium in this topical presentation

Generating Quality Leads

Lead generation has gone through dramatic changes in the past few years. David Guest has developed a unique approach that has proven successful across a broad range of industries.

Sales Made Simple

Too often business owners assume that sales is just communication. The truth is that sales skills can have the most profound effect on business efficiency, especially if you invest a lot of time quoting or dealing with leads.

Finding Niches

Defining your target market and best customer is a critical but often overlooked aspect of building a business. Getting clear on who your target market is and catering to that market can result in much higher profit margins and many more loyal customers.

Custom Presentations

**Being one of Australia’s top business coaches, working with hundreds of businesses means David is able to give owners the insight and strategies to handle almost any situation. If there is a specific topic that you would like to cover, please call and have a chat with one of our team to find out how we can make your event stand out from the crowd.

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