Business Documents for Small Business Help

As your business grows you find that there are more and more things that you need for capitalising on business opportunities as they arise. Often there isn’t an easy guide that’s quick to hand when you encounter something that’s more challenging than filling out a form.

Because your business needs to keep moving forward rather than stopping while you spend days or weeks investigating how you do some type of business administration, I’ve put together a number of Instant Guides to help you fast track.

The Instant Guides cover some of the more unusual aspects of what I’ve found, over the years as a Business Coach, tend to get business owners stuck. These white papers provide the kind of sensible actionable business advice you’d get from a Business Consultant or Business Coach.

White Papers to Assist with Your Business



Instant Brochures - Create Brochures that SellDownload Now

Instant Business Brochures

The Instant Guide to Business Brochures outlines what does and doesn’t make a great brochure, giving you helpful examples and a straight forward no nonsense approach to designing your own business brochures.

  • Convert Your Brochures into Sales Aids
  • Get Prospects Interested in More than Your Brand
  • Create Your Very Own Sales Materials that Sell Your Leads for You
Instant Business Cards & Letterheads

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Instant Business Cards & Letterheads

The Instant Guide to Business Cards & Letterheads provides proven strategies for designing a business card that is memorable and kept by contacts you meet. The advice and tips contained in this Instant Guide will save you thousands of dollars on expensive graphic design for your business stationery.


Instant Business Cards & Letterheads

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Instant Classified Advertising

The Instant Guide to Classified Advertising gives you straight forward instruction on how to write a classified ad that will get your phone ringing.

  • Get Genuine Inquiries
  • Prospects Ready to be Converted Calling
  • An Easy Way to Get Cash Flowing During Slow Times
  • Stop Hunting for New Customers & Attract Business to You

Instant Sales Scripts by David Guest

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 Instant Sales Scripts

The Instant Guide to Sales Scripts is the secret formula to sales success! This white paper will guide you through writing sales scripts you can use in your business right away. If you aren’t using Sales Scripts in your business yet, then chances are your are missing out on –

  • Closing A-Grade Sales Faster & Sooner
  • Filling Your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Prospects
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Having Fewer Lost or Wasted Calls
Instant Testing and Measuring by David Guest

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Instant Testing & Measuring

The Instant Guide to Testing & Measuring gives you tracking forms you can photocopy and start using straight away in your business. Discover just how easy it is to measure and optimise your business activities to increase productivity and profitability.


Instant Unique Selling Propositions and Guarantees by David Guest

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Instant USP & Guarantees

The Instant Guide to Unique Selling Propositions & Guarantees gives you step-by-step guidance in creating your own USP that helps you communicate the benefits of doing business with you right up front.

  • Develop Your Own Compelling Story
  • Easily Communicate Why Doing Business with You is a Great Decision
Instant Yellow Pages Advertising by David Guest

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Instant Yellow Pages Advertising

The Instant Guide to Yellow Pages Advertising identities all the key components you need to have a phone book listing that gets the phone ringing in your business. With a phone book listing that is so compelling that people want to call you straight away, Instant Yellow Pages Advertising is something your business needs to get first time.