Cash Flow Mastery

How to Make Pricing Decisions During Volatile Times

When it comes to cash flow, there is a lot to think about but nothing is more critical as a success to a small business than prices you charge. An important decision you’ll make is pricing.

Today, I want discuss how to make pricing decisions in a dynamic and volatile market.

How to Make Pricing Decisions in a Volatile Market
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7 Ways to Simplify Your Business

For most business owners, the day starts out with a simple goal: get things done. From that point, though, things tend to go downhill. There are phone calls, emails, meetings, clamouring clients, upset staff members – everyone needs a slice of your time. By the end of the day that strategic planning session you had scheduled has been pushed completely off your calendar.

If you’re tired of spending your day problem-solving instead of business-building, you need to simplify. Here are seven ways to do it.

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How to Analyse and Evaluate Risks to Your Business

Risk-taking is a part of business. Being able to realistically evaluate what each risk means, then, is a valuable skill for any entrepreneurs. While instinct does play a part in some types of risk evaluation, the only reliable way to judge whether a risk is worth taking is to undertake a formal risk evaluation.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Business Ideas and Intellectual Property

Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to protect their intellectual property. It’s a subject that many business owners fail to think about, but from sole-trading plumbers to marketing companies, every business has ideas that are worth safeguarding. The safeguards to put in place may alter very slightly from industry to industry, but there are some factors that stay the same.

Productivity Secrets for Business Owners
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Getting an Agent or Distributor to Help You Expand into International Markets

For Australian businesses, the international market offers an excellent opportunity for business growth. For companies looking to expand into international markets, sourcing an agent or distributor is generally the first step. Before this step is taken, it is essential to understand the role of the agent and distributor, and to research the type of agent or distributor that will be of benefit to your business.

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Improved Cash Flow

Cash flow is a relatively simple concept: it’s the cash that comes in and goes out. The way you use the flow of your business’ cash, however, is complicated. By unravelling that process and enhancing your understanding of how your own flow works, you can improve the way that money flows through your business.

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Managing Costs and Prices in Your Business

One of the most difficult areas for anyone setting up a business is setting costs. For those just starting out, it can seem to be an endless struggle with cash flow. In reality, your costs must be set according to a complex range of factors.

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5 Steps To Better Cashflow Management

A business can’t operate without cash, yet many businesses have problems with their cash flow. In some senses, this problem is unavoidable. There are, however, steps any business owner should take to avoid short falls in cash flow where possible.

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Business Investment: Getting Funds to Expand Your Business

A business consultant can be most helpful when you are starting to look into equity finance. Equity finance is a way of raising capitol (funds) from external investors (other people outside the business) in return for a share of the business (profits earned by the business).

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How a Grant Could Help Your Business

Part of the strategic plan for your business could include a grant from the state or federal Australian government. This is worth considering particularly if you are having cash flow difficulties.

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