How to Build Instant Rapport and Get Your Message Across in Record Time

DISC Behavioural Profiles or Jedi Mind Tricks?

Communication skills are probably the most important resource a business owner, manager, or salesperson can have. Your ability to get your point of view across to your team or your customers will determine whether they support you, or frustrate you.

Using DISC Behavioural Profiles to improve your communications is like using Jedi mind tricks. Understanding the preferred communication style of the person you are communicating with will help you…

  • Build rapport quickly 
  • Gain trust and credibility 
  • Disarm the other person 
  • Interpret their verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Motivate your team 
  • Shorten the sales cycle 
  • Cut through the noise and get to the core issues


In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn…

  • Your own profile and communication preferences, 
  • How to identify other people’s profiles in less than 30 seconds, 
  • How to sell your ideas to the different profile types, 
  • How to use profiling for building your team and improving productivity.


This workshop is a must for business owners, managers and salespeople. So register now and start communicating like a Jedi.

Investment: $297.00

When is the Event Being Held?

Tuesday 14th of July @ 9:00am - 12:00pm

Where is the Event Being Held?

Milanos, 4 Esplanade, Brighton 3186