Webinar: How to Convert LinkedIn Connections into Qualified Appointments

Sales Reps on average have to generate 70% of their own sales leads if they want to achieve their goals. A warm referral increases the odds of a sales success 200-400%!

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With over 12 million people in Australia on Facebook and 6 million on LinkedIn, there is not a shadow of a doubt there is a massive opportunity on your doorstep – if you have the right strategy.

You can generate all the engagement and interaction you want – but unless you have a strategic selling process to transform that digital relationship into a client then you are wasting your time. We will show you our 5 step formula and actual scripts that you can use to generate an unlimited supply of prospects from social media.

You’ll learn…

      • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when talking to prospects on social media and how to avoid them
      • The 5 step formula to master Social Selling
      • Word-for-word the messages used to turn cold prospects into sales appointments over 20% of the time