Profit Mastermind

Profit Mastermind is a unique business network club designed for business owners and helps you maximise grow your business, grow your network and grow your profitability.

We know that networking is a great idea. Our clients have told us over and over again.

The challenge is finding the time and maintaining the motivation to make it a part of your business. That’s why we introduced our Profit Mastermind Club.

Faciliated by multi award-winning Melbourne Business Coach David Guest, Profit Mastermind is your unique “club” for getting results fast.

By being a part of Profit Mastermind, you can embark on a journey to a more profitable enterprise by meeting with like-minded business owners every fortnight.

Create a Profitable Business and Network with Forward Thinking Business Owners

It’s you’re very own Business Advisory Board. A forum in which you can learn the strategies that are working in your peers’ industries and, with their help, apply them directly to your own.

And, when you can’t “see the forest for the trees”, we give you the tools you need to break free from the rut you’re in today.

Helping You, Guiding You and Keeping You Accountable

Profit Mastermind is specifically designed for business owners of small to medium sized businesses and each event is designed to help you maximise your potential, grow your knowledge, grow your business, grow your network and grow your profitability.

Learn hundreds of proven business strategies and tips including:

  • How to build a business that words without you using our unique six step process;
  • 5 Proven ways to build the simplest and most effective Killer Marketing Campaign;
  • How to recruit and keep the best staff using the 6 Keys to a Winning Team;
  • How to create a Unique Appeal for your product to eliminate price competition;
  • The 9 simple steps to systematise any business;
  • How to climb the Entrepreneurial Ladder;
  • Why most business fail in the first 5 years and what you can do about it;
  • How to write ads that sell;
  • Why you need to stop working in your business and how to start working on it;
  • How to turn your marketing from expense to investment;
  • How to motivate staff using simple personality profiling;
  • Dozens of ways to get your customers to spend more money;
  • How to get your customers selling for you;
  • How to use your time in the most effective way possible;
  • How to create a network of active strategic partners that will refer you business every day.

Plus…much, much more!

And, if that’s not all, think of the additional immeasurable value you’ll get as a Profit Mastermind member when you to attend our special business building workshops as our guest. Here, you’ll learn how to work on your business rather than in it and help you avoid the common pitfalls most business owners make.

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