Six Steps Holistic Approach To Running a Business

Discover why the 6 Steps Holistic Approach to running a business with personal mentoring and expert business advice, is your only realistic…guaranteed…most certain way to run your business better, remove the stress, double profits…while working 50% less.

My Free 6 Steps Holistic Approach To Running A Business Gives You:

Optimised strategies for your business?
The Steps to apply each strategy into your business.
The ORDER in which to implement changes.
Fallback strategies if you hit a stumbling block.
Better staff…More profits…More time off…

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Better staff…More profits… More time off…

Now before I get into why scouring the internet for the best ‘How To’ information or services on ‘how to run your business better’ is a waste of time and doesn’t get you very far… I want to quickly mention that just like you, when these clients first came to see me… they were stressed, overworked, working crazy hours… which was effecting their time with their family, loved ones and their friends.

They were sick & tired of staff issues, the constant demands of meeting overhead costs that you know have to be met no matter what… And the constant nagging sense of uncertainty, frustration and insecurity that sits at the back of your mind… gnawing away at you, about the future of their business and their lives.

Sound familiar?

And that’s not even mentioning the ‘do or die’ importance and challenges of growing your turnover and profits each year with the certainty and consistency needed for you to sleep well at night. Especially in TODAY’S economic outlook.

So let me get straight to the point in helping you unravel and transform your situation.
The single biggest mistake business owners make, is that we think that WE are the ones that are suppose to run the business. And this belief is one of the biggest ball-and chains holding down the growth of you business, and preventing it from transforming into a wealth & security generating machine.

The fact is… SYSTEMS are meant to run your business… Your team are meant to run your systems, and YOU are meant to focus (not to mention have all the time in the world) to GROW your business.

Because the other harsh reality of business is… if it isn’t growing… and you’re not focused on actively growing it, you’re leaving yourself wide open to changes in competition, trends, the economy and all the other circumstances that can kill your vehicle for security & freedom.

Now let’s also discuss…

Why the ‘do it yourself’ approach to transforming & growing your business just doesn’t work

This is the leading reason why business owners quickly get stuck when they start applying or using information from the web. No matter how great a plan is, you’ll always hit a brick wall.

I know this for a fact because every week I give the best information & methods to my clients for implementation, and inevitably they come back with questions, concerns & challenges when actually implementing business building systems.

Without the direct support, personal help and assistance of a consultant or coach who has done this a hundred times with other owners just like you in the past… you’ll quickly be overwhelmed, get stuck and pulled away by the daily demands of your business.

And that of course gets you nowhere.

You first of all need to know the methods on how to take back control of your time. Because how can you transform your business, if you can’t pull yourself out of your day-today operational roles?

You then need to know what order to take in overhauling the 6 areas of your business. And by 6 areas I mean:

  • Financials
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Systems
  • Team
  • And cash-flow

Doing things yourself DOESN’T work…

No matter HOW great the information or course you have bought, is

Will you know which methods are right for your business?

Will you know how to apply each strategy into your business?

Will you know the right ORDER in which to implement changes for it to even have a chance to work?

And what will you do if you hit a stumbling block?

… Which you will.

Will you know how to get around it to justify and maximise your investment in time, money and effort?
This is why the best information & courses on the web alone won’t give you the breakthroughs you’ll need to transform your business, therefore… transform your life

If you’re a small business, and you think using a business consultant or coach is only for big companies. Well I’ve got great news for you. We have very affordable business coaching services that will pleasantly surprise you.

Be aware though, the REAL cost is in not enlisting the direct, personal help of a coach at all. The annual profit you stand to lose by not using one of the most qualified business coaches in Melbourne can easily be measured into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars if you have a large business or company.

A little bit more about my credentials… I’m also part the Global Training Team, which is a group of experienced award winning business coaches who coach other business coaches.

That’s right. I help new coaches get a kick start in building their consulting business and getting success with their clients. What this means to you is… you’re on the verge of getting some of the most qualified, impactful, business transforming help and advice you can get to turnaround your business situation, life situation and sense of security.

I’m also the winner of …

  • Global ActionMAN award 2010
  • Best Client Results for 2007 in Australasia

… and finalist for

  • Coach of the Year 2008 and 2009
  • Best Client Results 2008
  • Marketing Coach of the Year 2008 and 2010
  • Seminar Coach of the Year 2008 and 2009
  • Brand Coach of the Year 2008

And all this is from a ‘Global’ award system… out of 147 business coaches from all over the world, not just in Australia.

That’s me (on the right) receiving the Global Action Man Award in Barcelona from Brad Sugars, the CEO of the World’s leading business consulting organization that’s been around for 20 years, and started right here in Australia!

Now, I want to show you how to REALLY get on the road to living free from your business challenges, free from your daily struggles… free from being STUCK ‘operating in’ your business… free from the daily stress, pressures and constant worries of meeting ongoing costs, staff performance and getting clients.

By submitting your details on the right here… you’ll gain instant access to a FREE MP3 live recording of one of my Business Building Workshops that you can download right, now on to your phone or MP3 player to listen on the go.

This live recording is the most effective way to start turning your business into a wealth generating machine for you and your loved ones, free yourself from roles to have more time off for holidays when you feel like it, and have your business run just as well without you.

The business owners who attended this workshop paid $99 (incl GST) for their seats… You can have it now for free.

In this live recording, you’ll discover…

  • The most critical, important fundamental about ‘running’ a business. If you don’t know this one, business will always be a struggle for you. This one really does FREE you.
  • Find out the ‘OH SO’ critical first payment you need to make each month, before you pay ANY other business cost. Do this right… you and your family won’t have to worry about quality of life again.
  • The 6 steps to massive results in business… So you can finely claim (and live) your dream of a stress free, abundant lifestyle.
  • The critical numbers and ‘KPIs’ you need, to move from chaos… to control.
  • How to finely abolish that familiar Friday sigh of relief where you say… “PHEW… we made it”.
  • Why you can forget about beating your competition to a pulp, if you don’t achieve ‘stability’ first. Discover the real definition of what stability is… and how to achieve this for your business fast.
  • How to systemize your business for FREEDOM… and when to do it. Finely spend the time you want with your children, family & friends you miss. I’m sure you’ll agree, to have a fulfilling life, you need to get most of it back first.
  • When to recruit, and when NOT to recruit. This one powerful piece of advice will save you the fears, headaches and stress every business owner dreads when it comes to having ‘staff’.
  • The practical, down to earth, and tested methods of how ‘happiness in business’ is achieved… How I helped my clients I showed you earlier achieve it… and how to achieve it for yourself without having to wait for months.
  • How to get your team… to start growing your business … on your behalf. Sound like a dream…? Well, the clients I showed you at the beginning of this free presentation have achieved exactly that.
  • How to avoid the classic business trap of flat-lining your progress, growth and momentum… when business owners take the “DIY” approach to putting it all together.
  • The 4 ‘do or die’ key areas of mastery you need to be on top of. Without mastery of these 4 areas, you simply won’t be getting off square one.
  • You’ll hear me dispel the commonly held belief of what ‘Maximum Utilization’ actually is, and this can really transform your business IF you know how to capitalize on it. It’s a misconception that gets almost all business owners, and is also responsible for doubling or tripling some of my clients’ businesses.

… and we’re still only up to the 14th minute of this 60 minute live recording of my Business Building workshop I hold at my seminar room here in Elsternwick.

Wait till you hear the rest of it… like how to free yourself from the constant stress of price competition, let alone BEAT your competition.

  • How do improve staff performance for less worry, better results and happier customers.
  • … AND how to have an unlimited marketing budget, to grow your business, grow your wealth and prestige… in life.

This FREE MP3 audio you can download right now, shows you how to be EXCITED about your business… It really does open up the doorways to actually looking forward to going to work each morning, instead of dreading it. And enjoying the recognition, prestige and respect from your friends and family that comes with being the owner of a successful, GROWING business.

Just imagine all the exciting options & choices that open up for you with a thriving business. Would you pay off your mortgage and all your debts and start a investment property portfolio to secure the future of yourself & your children? Would you buy a holiday home in a beautiful part of the world and spend 2 months a year there?

Or would you expand your business, and set up operations elsewhere to explode your income even further. I mean why not… when you know how to have a thriving business that doesn’t require you to be there every minute, of every day like a ball’n chain.

All these exciting options can become reality for you in the next few short months, if you simply opt-in on the right here and claim your free MP3 recording of my live workshop.

Listen to it on the go… while you’re driving, jogging or whenever it suits you. To transform your business… break free from the prison of not enough time… and break free from the restrictions, stress and uncertainty that a business with low profit causes.

That’s what I’m all about… That’s what I’m here for… To help you achieve exactly what you desire through your business goals…

Now as I said, your only other options are to take the DIY approach of hoping to find the right information or course. This WILL (and does) result in a lot of costly trial & error when implementing… plus wasting precious time and energy. I’ve been in this game long enough to know… and I’ve heard all the horror stories by now.

Then there’s not doing anything at all. Either way, without the

.. . RIGHT help

… the RIGHT support

… the RIGHT advice

… the RIGHT strategies

… the RIGHT order & processes

… with someone whose done this literally hundreds of times with business and companies across many industries… I can promise that you’ll leave your business, therefore your life… in the hands of the unstable world economy, our unreliable nation economy, and competition.

Not a good place to be.

“Go and talk to David and have a chat about what ActionCOACH can do for you. David helped us to find a unique position and build a team so morale is high which brought more customers through the door. We are happy to come to work. He has taken us out of the red and into the black and the business is in profit mode. I feel optimistic about where we are heading and that we can be very profitable in spite of the slow months we face in the industry.”
Pat Shelper, Hampton Ladies Health Club, Victoria
“I started coaching because I wanted the encouragement. David made it easy to relax, to open up about the business and about what was difficult for me. He listened and identified where he could help. David has been very good at improving my business by helping find a niche market. His changes to the business are great, he comes up with great ideas to find “A grade” customers and things are happening fast. David enjoys what he does and he is the guy who will get you ahead.”
Dean Stewart, Tooronga Plumbing
“David is good at reminding us that we are responsible for our own futures and he is passionate about his business system and what he does and can do for us. Given the rough rocks David started with working with us, the things he has helped facilitate for us are a great testament to him.”
Russell Porteous, Maintenance Essentials