Our Success is Measured By Yours…

Success can be measured in so many ways. You could look at your bottom line, the size of the business, the number of clients… but for us, it’s more than that… we look at our clients… Our success comes from their success…

1-2-1 Coaching: Therese & Eddie Ereira, Associated Printers

Eddie and Therese bought Associated Printers 5 years ago after spending 30 years in the print industry. Struggling with the business development side of the company, they started working with David Guest in an attempt to boost productivity, efficiency and their bottom line.

Since then, Associated Printers have increased their revenue by an additional 250%; completely changing the way they run their business. Watch the video to hear their story.

1-2-1 Coaching: Aaron Parsons, Australian Waste Management

“David has taken business coaching to an entirely new level. Out of the box innovation and ideas, simple “why didn’t i think of that” ideas and methods that just work.

David keeps you focused on whats important and remaining above the line. At first it’s hard to realize and understand the methodology, but over time it becomes more apparent. The reticular activating system and you get what you deserve are two of my favorite’s from his arsenal.Working with David has been an enlightening experience and he has changed my life unmistakably. I am now so driven to learn and understand as much as possible and apply the knowledge and experience of some very wise people to improving my life and the lives of those around me.

Its hard not to preach about the things David has shared with me. Kaizen, Test and Measure, To know and not to do is to not know, The only failure is the failure to participate, Mistakes are lessons not mistakes if you learn something from them, Dreams are just goals without plans, You are only limited by what you believe is possible… I could go on forever…Thanks David, you have changed my life!”

1-2-1 Coaching: Luke Bruce, Machines4U

6 Step Business Blueprint Workshop: Metod Mohar, Distinction Homes

ProfitCLUB: Jason Hall, Think Training

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me over the past year. Being part of your coaching program has been a great support and given me the tools I needed to make real changes in my business. It was great to network with other business owners who have the same concerns and issues. Also regular coaching and workshops means if you don’t get it the first time you can keep going until you do get it!

This financial quarter my business turned over 120k more than the same quarter last year with a 171% increase. The gross profit for the quarter was up 93k with a 223% increase! Net profits for the quarter were up 77k with a 647% increase!

Our sales went from 50k every quarter to 50k every month for 7 months in a row.I would have achieved these results much quicker if I had just listened to you more and implemented faster.The best part of it all was not the money but the personal growth, I am now more confident and feel like I run my business instead of it running me.

Thanks for everything, I could not have done it without you and the team…”

1-2-1 Coaching: Anthony Smith, Mortgage Choice Cheltenham

Hello David,I just wanted to thank-you for your help with our business in 2008.Many of the systems and initiatives you helped implement assisted in us winning the following awards:

          • Mortgage Choice High Flyers Awards






          • Mortgage Choice Victorian Multi Franchise of the Year






          • MFAA Broker of the Year ( 6 loan writers category)





Once again thanks for your help.

1-2-1 Coaching: Brett Taylor, PMT Security

ProfitCLUB: Travis Fitzpatrick, Focus Health and Fitness

1-2-1 Coaching: Dave Byrnes, Andave Shopfitting Pty. Ltd.

Our business and lives have taken a great step forward. We are focussed on present and future performance, have longer term goals and now know that it’s ok to be rich!

The coaching program has been the best things to happen to this business. The structure that is now in place is working very well and the future is looking pretty exciting.”

6 Step Business Blueprint Workshop: Dean Stewart, Tooronga Plumbing

I started coaching because I wanted the encouragement. David made it easy to relax, to open up about the business and about what was difficult for me. He listened and identified where he could help.

David has been very good at improving my business by helping find a niche market. His changes to the business are great, he comes up with great ideas to find “A grade” customers and things are happening fast. David enjoys what he does and he is the guy who will get you ahead.