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The New Year brings new resolutions – but will it bring a new result?

So here we are, another year finished means another one started!

We’re in the office after our first full week back together, and along with discussions over how everyone spent their holiday time, (the best so far have been a family trip to japan, a jaunt to London, summer days spent with good people, food and wine, and my personal favourite reward, doing nothing and recovering.)

Aside from this, it’s that time of the year that along with new beginnings brings new resolutions. So this begs the question, how can we achieve what we want to, and is there a way for us to help?

One things that I personally have taken into account from the start of this year is that when trying to tackle a big project, be that at work or personal life, some things just seem so big that you lose your drive to accomplish them in the all-consuming ‘bigness’ that is the project itself.

So here are some pointers to remember when setting your big goals and how to stay motivated while achieving them.

Using Objectivity:

This is also known as ‘identifying your block’. Find someone that you can talk to about where you want to be and what you think is stopping you from being there. They can be a personal friend, (although pick someone who you know will be objective, not just tell you what you want to hear) your therapist or your business coach. The feature of objectivity that is so valuable is that it gives you honest responses. The people that you speak to might look at the issue in a different way then you will, or even see something that is blocking your way that you might not. Have the chat, see if there is anything in your way, it will assist you in the long run.

Breaking up:

No, this isn’t about relationship advice. This is a personal favourite of mine though. What we mean by breaking up is with big projects, we need to see the trees to create the forest. If you are facing a big project, breaking it up into sections is going to make it not only more manageable, but ultimately the work quality usually improves. If you’re writing a book, you start off with a chapter. If you do that 12 times, you end up with the whole book. That’s how you devour a whale, one bite at a time.

Being motivated for the reward

So you’ve managed to get through the big project, now what? If you’re like me, you’ve motivated yourself with the negative consequences of not achieving your deadline. This is behaviour that should be changed to positive based rewards, essentially to remove the stick and replace it with the carrot.

Big projects completed means that big rewards are deserved. The fun thing is that the big reward is exactly what you want it to be. It can be your own trip to Japan with the family, a jaunt to London or doing exactly ‘nothing’ because that’s what you want. The important thing should be that your reward reflects how much work was put into your project and makes you excited to start the next one, just like we did with the New Year.

If you think that you could benefit from more advice about how to achieve better results within your business, get in contact with us here



Do not make resolutions, create habits - advice on a vintage slate blackboard
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My Top Productivity Tips for Achieving More in Business

Smart businesses stay productive to be successful. Technology can help save time and money, allowing you to focus on the key aspects of your business. But, it’s not always necessary.

Ensuring your business’ efficiency is key and I have some productivity tips for your business to stay smart.

self managed work teams advantages
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10 Ingredients for an Effective Team – The Recipe to Success

In business, success is a result of a perfectly orchestrated and collaborated team effort. In fact, without a team to back you up, success can be next to impossible. It is important to understand that teams are built through time. You cannot possibly expect your team to work out on the first day. There are different factors to consider for someone wanting to build a winning and effective team. I’ve put my thoughts together on the necessary ingredients for an effective team. Scan through these and you’ll find a pointer or two that you can later apply to your team.

Good leadership

This is the most critical and must be the top of all priorities. The leader establishes the team’s drive for excellence. Thus, it is important to develop leadership skills. It is important to note that a leader faces a multi-faceted role as mentor, cheerleader, slave driver, and counselor; and sometimes, even as a servant. A leader could make or break up a team, so if you are a leader in your team, step up to the role and do not turn back.


Goals serve as the team’s guiding compass, the direction for any organization. Knowing your own goals, and the goals of your business, will motivate your team members to contribute immensely to the team since goals give them a sense of purpose. Communicate to them the goals of your organization so you are sure that you are on the same page with the rest of the group.


Commitment is vital for your team’s perseverance. Whilst involvement says “Yes, I’ll do this”, Commitment says “Yes, I’ll do this, and will be with you on the same page until the end.” Commitment is very important to a team because it tells you that everybody will be there and will be helping out, even more than the 8 to 5 workday, and even, against the odds.

Communication Communication bridges gaps and will create the firm bonds of the team. There can never be too much communication in a team. Everybody must know that communication lines are open and that everybody should be willing to listen. As long as communication lines are open, the team will be okay. Trouble usually sets in if people do not communicate anymore.


Organisation is the cornerstone of any team if you’re to prevent an ambiguous environment from existing. You need to organise your team so that every member of the will function according to their specialisation or their assigned tasks. In this way, the team will be able to rise to all challenges of the business and you’ll get quality outputs as a result.


Collaboration will be occur if there’s a clear division of labor. Division of labor will make the team members function better than have a much generalised version of what to do.
Competence Good relations and positive attitude can only do so much. Another vital ingredient in teams is individual competence. This means, everybody must be able to contribute to the different areas needed to complete your business’ objectives. Without competent individuals, a team can only do a small fraction of the work needed, and that means the entire team become ineffective.

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“The 15 Keys to Running Team Meetings” Guide

Running an effective team meeting can be the difference between a productive week and a waste of time.

If you don’t have a structure around how you run your meetings than you need to start thinking about it NOW.

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If you currently don’t have the full support and respect of your team then you may be experiencing a leadership issue and this is where a Business Coaching Program may be a solution. Respect should always be present in a team, since without it, you’re not moving forward. Furthermore, respect breeds trust, and with trust your team will be more than willing to help out.


Passion is by far one of the most important traits present in a team and this comes from the top. When You are passionate about your work, vision and mission, you are more than willing to go beyond expectations, go beyond the norms. That same passion will get you and your team motivated to stretch.

Start with these traits and you are well on your way to a more efficient and effective team. If your team building problems are more serious and need more work, then you need to be letting us work with you to inject the kind of world-class business coaching excellence we are recognised for by both our clients and peers.

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In this recorded webinar, David Guest and business partner Jason Gibbs (Mac Aid) take you through some productivity-increasing tips for using your iPad in your business.


In this recorded webinar, David Guest and business partner Jason Gibbs (Mac Aid) take you through some productivity-increasing tips for using your iPad in your business.

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Friday, August 9, 2012 - Victoria-based ActionCOACH sets marketing standard for Business Coaches. Business Coach David Guest was named MarketingCOACH at the ActionCOACH Global Conference Awards ceremony at the Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng in Beijing, China.

Victoria-based ActionCOACH sets marketing standard for Business Coaches

Las Vegas – Monday, August 27, 2012

Business Coach David Guest was named MarketingCOACH at the ActionCOACH Global Conference Awards ceremony, which took place on August 9 at the Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng in Beijing, China. The MarketingCOACH award goes to the ActionCOACH Business Coach who is the most innovative and effective marketer globally.

ActionCOACH Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars presented the award to Guest.

“A strong marketing strategy is one of the keys to building a successful business, in any field. Guest uses principles that he has developed over his career as an ActionCOACH Business Coach to market his coaching business more effectively than most and brings that knowledge to his clients, helping them market their businesses more effectively.” said Sugars.

Marketing a business isn’t the same as it used to be. Marketing has changed and David uses new tools, like social media to drive his business and his events. He’s on the cutting edge and uses all of the tools at his disposal to market his business and the brand.Brad Sugars (ActionCoach Founder & Chairman)

“His use of numbers to profitably market his business and his use of local media outlets and social media have made him a fine example for the other coaches in the ActionCOACH system.”

“Marketing a business isn’t the same as it used to be. Marketing has changed and David uses new tools, like social media to drive his business and his events. He’s on the cutting edge and uses all of the tools at his disposal to market his business and the brand.” Sugars said.

“Marketing a business is always a work in progress,” Guest said, “You can’t just find one way to do it and rest. You’ve got to constantly test and measure and understand your numbers to be really bring in the customers you want.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching and executive coaching firm, with more than 1,000 offices in 44 countries. To learn more about ActionCOACH, go to

To learn more about David Guest
David Guest wins Global MarketingCOACH Award 2012
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The Three Best Time Management Tips for Increased Productivity

For a business owner, time management is closely related to project management and your project, is your business. In business, productivity is essential to growth and strong time management will directly increase your productivity. Effective time management also creates routines, which help manage the sheer volume of information you process on a daily basis.

self directed work teams disadvantages
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Five Essential Time Management Tips for Business Owners

Melbourne business coach David Guest has some great time management tips for business owners trying to work out how they can better manage their time.

mastermind coaching
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How to Better Manage Your Business Cash Flow

Cash flow is the oil that keeps the machine, which is your business, running. Great management of the company’s cash flow is one of the cornerstones of a successful business.

on line marketing
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Top 5 Productivity Tips for Business Owners

In business productivity is the name of the profitability game. A productive business is a business that can grow.

business software list
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How to Get More Time Off From Your Business Without Losing Income

It can be difficult to find the balance in the paradox of maintaining focus and generating multiple income streams but the reality is that no matter what business you are in, you will always have multiple projects and competing priorities.

So how do you find the balance?

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