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How to Make Pricing Decisions During Volatile Times

When it comes to cash flow, there is a lot to think about but nothing is more critical as a success to a small business than prices you charge. An important decision you’ll make is pricing.

Today, I want discuss how to make pricing decisions in a dynamic and volatile market.

How to Make Pricing Decisions in a Volatile Market
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My Top Productivity Tips for Achieving More in Business

Smart businesses stay productive to be successful. Technology can help save time and money, allowing you to focus on the key aspects of your business. But, it’s not always necessary.

Ensuring your business’ efficiency is key and I have some productivity tips for your business to stay smart.

self managed work teams advantages
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5 Tips for Boosting Productivity

There’s a big difference between knowing that productivity needs to be increased and actually increasing it.

Having solid strategies on board is the only way to ensure that your time is managed effectively and productivity goals are met.

Here are five top ways to ensure that your work gets done on time, while investing less time.

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How to Conduct a Staff Appraisal

Staff appraisals can be a strong tool for managers in order to negotiate worker’s performance. Having said that, they can also be tool for discontent if managed badly.

Here is a list of things to bear in mind when conducting a performance appraisal of your team’s performance.

pros and cons of self managed teams
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Top 5 Productivity Tips for Business Owners

In business productivity is the name of the profitability game. A productive business is a business that can grow.

business software list
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How to Get More Time Off From Your Business Without Losing Income

It can be difficult to find the balance in the paradox of maintaining focus and generating multiple income streams but the reality is that no matter what business you are in, you will always have multiple projects and competing priorities.

So how do you find the balance?

affordable project management software
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Three Tips for a Strong, Stable Cash Flow

Cash flow, simply put, is “cash in verses cash out”. The importance of strong cash flow planning is linked to the liquidity of your business – the liquidity of the business is dictated by its cash flow.

Every business needs cash for the everyday running of the business. Cash flow can be effected by both credit sales and the purchase of assets like machinery or buildings.

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Hiring a Successful Team Member

Build a business with the right attitude towards teamwork, the right team and it will be unstoppable. And, with the right team in place, your achievements are limited only by the imagination.

how to monitor productivity
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Business Mistake #8: Lots to do but not enough Profit

Perhaps the most valuable business secret you will ever learn.

A good friend of mine once said, that in business, “It’s not about turnover… It’s about leftover…” or profit.

In this simple but powerful formula, I’ll show you how you can make simple changes in your business and compound the result to create significant profit.

We’ll go through the 5 areas that you can specifically focus on to easily increase your profitability. I’ll show you simple, easy to apply strategies that will create instant improvements, then bring them together to achieve dramatic results.

For the past 11 years, this one area alone has produced most of my clients results, so take some notes and work this into your plan.

I look forward to hearing of your success.

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Business Mistake #6: Losing sight of your Goal or no clear direction in the first place…

What’s the best way to set business goals?

Try this simple test…

  • Do you have clear business goals?
  • Are they in writing?
  • Can you repeat them without looking?
  • Can your team?

99% of people I meet say yes to the first question, but quickly fall away as we move down the list.

We all know that setting goals is vital to success, but so few actually do it well and consistently.

In this video I’ll show you why goals setting is so critical, and how a business owner should go about setting their goals and keeping them in focus.

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