Ultimate Business Kickstart

Kickstart Your Business

Don’t start a new business until you read this

If you’re just starting out in business, planning to start a business or are already running a business but want to take your profits to the next level, this is exactly where you need to be.

You are reading this because you want more.

You want more for your business, more for your employees, your family – yourself.

Too often, very clever people like you and me start a business because we’re brilliant at what we do and helping others to achieve success a good idea.

But ideas require more than cleverness.

Bringing ideas into the world and turning them into a profitable business means you could end up working harder than ever, trapped by the very thing that is supposed to create freedom for you.

You could be trapped by the very thing that is supposed to set you free!

Hi, my name is David Guest and I’m a Business Coach.

I’ve worked with business owners large and small and helped them to break through the barrier that’s held them back and into that next level.

It takes courage.

It takes persistance.

It takes knowledge of how to run a business.

The professional development books, seminars and business courses may share that but what they can’t share is the real-life tenacity, grit and determination you need in order to fulfil your potential as a business owner.

That’s why I created the the Ultimate Business Kickstart Program – the ONLY workshop of its kind for emerging businesses looking to achieve sales of $1 million dollars and more.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”blue”]ROI averaging 2,000%[/pullquote3]

Until very recently I only worked with entrepreneurs who could afford to pay coaching retainers in the high five-figures.

This meant that while you could buy business coaching programs like my Group Success Coaching and Profit Mastermind, if you were just starting out wanted private one-on-one coaching, you’d end up going to someone else and settling for inferior results.

Which is a tremendous disappointment, because the people who could afford to pay my fees were getting huge return on their investment with ROI averaging more than 20x, and on occasion exceeded 15000%.

Yes – that’s 150 times return on the fees they paid.

My Commitment To Help Your Business Grow Fast

I recently made a decision to expand my work to a handful of entrepreneurs, startups business owners and professionals who are committed to fast growth and big profits and wanted the help of a coach, mentor and adviser to guide them along.

Why am I doing this when I routinely earn so much more from clients?

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Because I really am committed to assisting and re-educating business owners and entrepreneurs like you to grow faster and be more successful.


Once, a long time ago, someone went out of their way to to do exactly the same for me.

You see, I’ve spent my career working closely with hundreds of CEOs, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Added all up, in the past few years alone, my clients have increased their take home pay by many millions dollars.

I can tell a lot about a business by the numbers because the numbers don’t lie.

And, I know the Ultimate Business Kickstart Program works because “the numbers don’t lie”.

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  • You’ve got a great startup business and need to get the word out fast.
  • You’ve hit a plateau and you’re struggling to grow.
  • Your sales are declining and your revenues are taking a dip.
  • You need to get over the GFC and start the recovery process towards riding the next wave.


I help business owners achieve exactly the same turnaround in their business as you may be looking for right now.

And, I can show you how to tap into new revenue streams when you’ve got payroll to meet and every extra dollar counts.

Services Customised To Suit Your Industry and Market

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When we work together we’ll look at every aspect of your business that needs improvement. Sales, marketing, lead generation, finance, capital, products, operations, systems, and very importantly, how you manage your time.

And every bit is customised for your business and for your success.

This is a unique program and a unique opportunity.

Really Simple Systems for Fast Results!

As part of the Ultimate Business Kickstart Program, you’ll get these simple systems for reproducing fast, energy-saving results:

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  • The 9 Simple Steps to Systematise any Business

  • How to Attract Awesome Team Members in less than 4 hours

  • 6 Keys to Building your Dream Team

  • How to immediately find the Hidden Profits in your Business

  • 7 Steps to Turn your Customers into your Best Salespeople

  • 5 Proven ways to build the simplest and most effective Killer Marketing Campaign

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  • How to write ads that Magnetically Attract New Customers like clockwork

  • How to Eliminate Price Competition once and for all

  • How to create an Unlimited Marketing Budget

  • How to Leverage Yourself out of your business

  • Create a Sales Funnel so you never lose a good prospect

  • The street smart way to Attract Prospects


Plus…much, much more!

These are YOUR Blueprints to keep. But don’t worry…we’ll go through them in detail together and I’ll be helping you apply them to your business.


I do something that’s unusual in coaching and consulting:

I Guarantee Our Work Together.

People are typically surprised by this and want to know how it’s possible.

It’s easy, I know my track record and my guarantee is based on your performance and satisfaction.

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The full details are written into our agreement, but basically it works like this:

If you become my client for a full 3 months and agree take the actions you agree to take and if at the end of the 3 months we haven’t recovered your coaching costs, we’ll either work to make it good, or I’ll refund your money.

For you, the risk gone. In fact, the risk is all mine.

To find out more about my Ultimate Business Kickstart program, fill in your details below. There is no cost for the the appointment and we’ll schedule a time that suits us both. During the session, we’ll complete a brief questionnaire with you which will help guide a remarkably effective program for you.